Who am I?

I have been asking myself that question recently.

I am a Donna of many trades.  Since I could write; I have written.

Since I could read, I have read often, broadly and enjoyed every minute of my reading world.  I spend as much time as I can outdoors.  For me, a house is shelter and nature is the home.  This was true of me as a toddler.  I like to fix broken things, mend socks and make unusual things, like my own yarn for knit and crochet.  Why spin it when you can buy it?  Well, you cannot “buy” the threads I spin.  My answer:  my arachnid personality desires to weave, spin and swing to and fro.  Curiosity causes me to find prey; not for eating, but, for examination.  Who is this person?  How did they get that way?  Are they capable of doing better or worse?  Can I help or do I need to just observe?hanging dry in studio orange and green with Nina


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