Love Song to the Uncles

as a tyke

I watched you

sway in the breeze

as you stood outside.

I would come to know you liked your whisky and beer.

The man I saw today was missing half his teeth.

How could I forget?  The true mark of poverty and unlovingness

society inflicts on some

and not others.

My, how I loved and love those boys and men with the clearest blue

eyes.  I never saw them smack a child.  I never saw them hit a woman.

I never saw them have a fight with each other.  Dad told me they did and

one of them was a mean man so I figure it was him.  His eyes colored more to the

brown side than blue.  All men of the same mother; she died after giving

birth to my father; thirteen in all; eleven lived for a while.

He the babe lived to bid all good-bye

how hard it was

to see the tears course

down his brown cheeks.

When he was laid off, he did not shed a tear.

When my mother was less than hospitable, he never groaned.

When his body began to disintegrate at age 40 because his telomeres were

old at his birth, he did not yell out in pain.  In anger, yes.

They are all gone; all those men and most of the boys.

And, I am going too.  My blue eyes becoming clearer every day and through the tears they sparkle too.


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