Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter

I thought I had the flu and I did.  I pulled into my shell and did not want to come out.  I thought it was the fever, aches and chills and that was only half of it.

It has taken a week for me to realize it is your birthday coming up.  My, how you loved them.  My, how I loved you and still do.  Every time I reach out to help someone, I love you.  When my feet get sluggish and I do not want to get up to start my day without you, my love for you propels me.  I know if I can keep going, life will get richer and fuller again and I will have your companionship along the highways and byways.

You would have made almost half a century.  Medicine made mistakes and took you too early.  The results are so much better now.  We have machines which are zappers and they take those tumors out and prevent their return.  Thirteen years you have been in the other realm, the Star Trek one.  It is the only explanation which makes sense to me even though I viewed your bones after the fire.  I know your spirit transcended all we know and you still linger around to give me hope, prevent decay and tell me to get my butt in gear.

I love you so very much and I have gone on living without you.  This is by far the greater task and it would be so easy to succumb.  The grandchildren depend on you to help me get through and you are still my Storm Trooper and re-appear just when I need you most.  Wherever your galaxies are today, my dear one, I pray I can point my feet in the right direction and hoof it up the trail you blazed.


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