I Love You, Blogger of MinD

I wish you were my mate and we could

share all the words we dream

of each day and hear them from one who truly understands

and appreciates

and aggon-ates over words

and feelings about logi

and wants to urp it

and give it away

and then, I would know that

delicious time of two minds

as one

not exactly like love

but very close

so close in fact

it might be a higher good than love.

One no one could take or leave

come or go

a firm commitment

no matter what

to the page and the

lines written there indicating

dragonista 1
from Oregon, with love…

the ones to be written from my heart

through my blood pulsating

towards the neurons in the ends of

my fingertips as I like all those before

me try

to put into words

the pictures I see in my mind.  And, to know,

you are doing it, too, dear blogger.


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