I Let Go and I Loved You

So many times, love has broken me.

Like a twig in a strong wind, I hear the crack even before I see it.

Like a bird on a wing, I know I am leaving the nest, the branch or the bush and what will I do as I am on my way and yet, I am going.

Leaving the safety of solitude and yielding to another person’s timetable and way of being is not easy.  I believe it is necessary.  I doubt if I could do it without love.

Loving you was easy for me.  I loved the way you walked, looking for me up the street when we first met.  I loved your smell even though it was a strange one for me.  I loved your nest and the birds that had flown from it and the new young being made as we met.  I loved the promise of what might be with our friends and families.  I loved the now I had with you.

Yes, I doubted and I know you did.  The difference between us is my belief in the steadfastness of love and the way it can bind, twine and curl around us, between us and through our hearts into each others’ lives.  I am glad I know love like this and I can let go and love again.  Again and again because as long as life lasts, love between a man and a woman will continue.  Love is nourishment, love is drinking tea and love is having your arms around me.  I am very, very glad I loved you.


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