I Love Your Feet

Who would have believed that a woman and girl with so many issues surrounding her feet could begin to appreciate them in the way I am?

You are days away from the age of eighteen.  For all practical purposes, you are there already.  A day we will mark on all our calendars is not necessarily the day you cross over into adulthood.  You think you have already made it.  In many ways, you have.

You know what it is like to set goals and achieve them.  You know what it is like to push your mind and your body and then push them a little further even before you believe you can.  You have learned:  “before you can achieve it; your mind must conceive it.”  And you have done so; whether it is with your electronics you set up in our vacation rental, the methods you use to mow and keep the lawn or your leadership abilities; you are hearing your calling and you are working so diligently, it amazes me even though I have seen you do it so many times before.

I want to say to you that at times, life will be unbearably hard and your destiny may not seem as sure as it is now.  I also want to believe that your life could be what you make it without much interference from others.  As your judgment improves, I pray you will not make mistakes about starting a family too early, shorting yourself on your educational and physical goals and breaking your mother’s heart.  But, if you do all those things and more, we will love you as we always have because you are you and what happens in your life either of your own making or what happens to you will be the next challenges you face.

I love you so much my heart sings.  I love you so much I get breathless.  I love to watch you run.  I love how your smiles spreads across your face.  I love watching you eat when you are really hungry and you are chowing down on a plate of ribs.  I have a photo album in my mind of our moments together.  A trip to Goodwill where you made a find of a treasure for the kitchen, a walk on the beach or a long day at the track with seeing you from a distance and knowing the presence of those who love you helps you today and tomorrow.


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