I Love You Like No Other


are the child of my old age


are the spirit of my ancestors


are my brightest spot


brought me to the south and gave me life.

I love you so much it hurts.  I would rush in front of a speeding train to save your life; in a way, I did.

I love you “more” because my heart as a senior citizen is deeper.  So deep as the Pacific ocean and so wide as the Mississippi River which drew you forth.  One day,  you were two seeds and then you were in my arms.

We, me and you, are in sync.  We are like two peas in a pod.  We have an open lovingness to our family and many secrets between us.  I know how your little toe curls and I can see a storm coming across your face when you do not understand why you cannot open the door just like the rest of us do all the time.  I can see you will open that door, you will open it and run as fast and hard as you can.

How do I know this, you ask me?  Because, my dearest one, I ran too.  I run and run and run everyday.  That is what we do; we run.  Me and you.

Now that you are here; in some ways, my life is completed like a circle drawn in the tan sand near my favorite beach.  As I take the stick in my hand and draw round and round me,  you ripple outward and cast your seeds beyond me into the future.  If I am very, very lucky; I may get to see you and yours play in the sand and you may draw your own circles as I have done.

You are my life now.  So powerful, so scary and so, very, very wonderful you are.


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