I Love You Upon Awakening

Phone jarring ring

where am I?

who is here?

You, you are here

you are here with me.

I am not afraid to be alone.

Buoyed by your presence

I awake fresher

I am focused

I have purpose

higher than before.

Before there was an us

Before I knew you were in the world

and we were moving toward each other

at a brisk pace

waiting, moving, watching

like lean dogs ready and willing for the run

for the run of the running of life.

Can this be?

As one life leaves me, another returns and I know it for the first time

as I have always known

love with kindness, gentleness, patience and an edge of hardness as needed

teaching me to pay attention

to put on my cap and learn and relearn

and I am amazed and I do.


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