Many Ways to Love

brown eyes gaze into my blue ones

smiles tickle my nose

I am happy when you are happy;  I am sad when you are sad.

We, two, together or apart.  Merge souls from time to time.

Merge hearts and beat as one.  Thud, thud and I think how comforted I am.

Your feet delight me, your hair; I long to touch.  Your neck is soft; soft for kissing.

Your hands are steady, determined directly connected to the brain that is you.

I watch you walk and I am heartened.

I know what it is like to lose the people I love and too many of them at one time.  I have lost places, trees and flowers lavished with care and consideration for many long years.  For me, they are gone and do not exist; only in my memories of them which may not be true.

So, as I lose, I also gain.  I lean in.  I reach through.  I go, once again.

You are the reason I live.

You awakened my heart and eased the sadness and a ray of sunshine shone through causing me to awake as though from a long winter’s nap in a cave and move toward the opening to feel the warmth of spring on my face.

I stepped to the door; you called me.  You called again when I became frightened.  You called again when I cried and held me and asked what was going on and wanted to probe my heart and I let you into who I am and what has happened and what will be.

Your strength and words are buttressing my life.  I am cheered by your smile and laughter. Caution says it is too much too soon.  Love says it is time.  Time to feel good again and live.


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