Love Letters in the Sand

I stand on the side of a rushing river

wishing you were with me

to see the flooding waters

the broken branches piled high

chunks of concrete broken

a refrigerator from who knows where

the wind is blowing gently

it is cool

spiritual in a very unspiritual way

power in the force of water and wind

time suspended

I remember the age of all that is around is older

than I can comprehend

older than I want to know

this moment is only the blink of my blue eye

watching the orange brown muddy river eddy

by me and wishing you were here by my side to share this

moment.  I tell you about it later and describe and show photos and then

it becomes a kind of shared experience different as a book and a newspaper

and I wish you could see it too.  If we went back together, we might share the feelings of the edge of destruction melded within the new beginnings the silt will bring and we will wonder together if our aging process  is not similar as our grandchildren grow around our legs and we hold each others’ hands slowly receding and facing the sunsets of our days.


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