To My Love

eyes crinkling

you laugh

my belly tickles

as you chuckle

I behold your face beautiful in my hands and I do not need to know anything else; not where you have been not where you are going; only this moment.

smelling a lemon

standing together near the tree which bore it

marvel at the way you hold your nose as though you have never smelled a rose before there was me and I wonder how you can exist.  In months, you came through the door and captured my heart and hold it in your hands like the lemon, round and beating and how I wonder what life would have been like without you in it?

Loving is so difficult

I marvel at the moments when the sky splits open and you appear before me and we are the two in the first garden eating fruit and drinking water together and it all seems just as it was supposed to be in the first place and I wonder where you have always been until this moment when you stand before me.

I touch the bough of a tree I pulled from a mighty flooding river and feel the smooth bark and view the ragged edge where it was torn from its home and I think this is what I would feel if you were not with me any longer; torn and rent asunder and I choose to love you as I can do little else as you stand before me and the sky is above us and you speak to me and I hear your words and they are like bells to my ears, ringing softly and reminding me how good everything can be.


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