This Day

I have twenty-four hours

to give to you

and be given unto

and I choose not to be alone.

Not being alone will lead to hurt and sorrow.

It always does and I feel through the gloom that may come and I reach through to the light shining and I allow the light to shine brightly today with knowing what that day might bring and without fear or trepidation.  The greater scare would be to pass by on the other side of the road, unknown and unannounced and solitary continuing on my journey with only two feet on the path.  Four is so much more comforting, two pairs of shoes indicates two brains when the weather tumbles into our lives when the rains fall swiftly and when we know we are drying each and every moment we become even more lovely and loving as I saw the day we met when the very elderly couple sat at our elbows and they looked so old and I felt so young and you were so dashing and I knew I could be that elderly, frail and close to you and I reached out my hand through the fog of the years past and pulled you in and said this must be and we are.


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