Time for A Little Outrage and Courage

I read the internet rantings.  I do not understand them.  Why not rant to yourself or your friends?  I do not want to listen to people who do not make good sense, who do not have reasoned arguments and who blather on about whatever air fills their heads.  How about learning how to make a coherent argument?  There are many ways to do it.  I blog and try to make sense of the world around me.  I think many other people write for the same reasons.

Obamacare is the law of the land.  The program, with all its warts, is working.  It is the product of the Republican Party.  Get over yourselves.

I do not agree with President Obama on every decision he makes.  At times, I feel very frustrated.  He is my President and I will let him and his staff know of my frustrations.  I will exercise the right to vote.  You haters could not possibly understand my dislike for President George W. Bush; but, he was my President for worse and worser.  I am an American.  If we want to change, we have to quit blabbing and get out and make a difference.

There is no good need to carry a gun to a college campus.  None.  No justifiable excuse.  Campuses are places of learning how to live.  If a student gets a drink, he may get drunk.  If she becomes suicidal, her propensity for killing herself is greater.  These people do not have fully formed brains.  Campuses should have a “No Carry” law across our great land because almost all if not all; receive Federal or State support.

Lastly, please, do not insult my intelligence and emotional sensitivity by carrying a gun with you on a dating web site.  If you desire to make love to your gun or someone who likes guns, please go find your own site.  I am going to get in touch with my sites and see if I can get them to change the rules about what photographs are shown.  Honestly, guys with guns are pornographic to me and are an insult to Treyvon Martin’s family and the New Town families and all those they represent.


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