Being Angry

I have been very concerned about the US and our need to be in wars all over the world.  As a participant, it seems someone like me does not have a place in all this conflict.  Yet, I am a large consumer of oil and resources from the way I live in a modern society.  I do not like it and I am an actor on the world stage.

When I am angry, I can hurt others.  Wounding them may be in a small degree similar to the way US planes struck a Syrian hospital with children inside.  The how or why seems pointless to us now.  An apology will not restore life nor good faith.  Actions like these are angers in extreme.  Greed knows no bounds.

My country is committed to being the world’s policeman and thinks it is our role.  If I follow this line of reasoning, I would need to be a cop to my family and my community.

I think I will continue to opt out.  I think I will play it safe like so many Americans are doing and pretend we are not at war and this presidential election is just fun and games.  I wonder if it will work?


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