To my Online Dating Writer Friends

Since our great leader in the UK sent us the revealing video of Offline Dating, I thought a few more words might be in order.  You can think of this as the wisdom my age has afforded as I head toward my Medicare years.

If the sites are an introduction, sort of like seeing someone at a locker in high school or working with a person who really interests you; then, my supposition is we have to do the work ourselves.  Did we not do it back then?  Why would we think this time would be any different?  Well, maybe the sites promise more than they can deliver in the commercials or even online?  Or, could it have anything to do with my paying my hard earned money so I want the next steps to be easy once I have the flesh and blood person in front of me.

Recently, my extended family got a new puppy.  She is so cute and lovable.  The introduction went smoothly and she loved her new owner(s) and the older dog who will show her the ropes.  But, she is still a fluffy two month old dog.  Today, she chewed the carpet up around the door facing because, I, her caregiver for the day; left her in the wrong room.  Her owner took it with gravitas.  Still, we all wanted it to be easier and more fun.  Frolicking with the bigger dog, running to and fro with the children and greeting her adult owners with a lovely lick at the end of a tiring time in traffic; the stuff dreams are made of online and on the telly.

I want the guys I meet to be average Joes.  Do not spend time to wine and dine me and then go away.  Do not have my trail you to all the mailboxes on the web or your favorite channels; only to flake and take off.  Just be okay.  Give me feedback.  I have run my own business; I have reared children and grandchildren.  I have a brain.  It is going to take two people to work hard so we can be together as we age or at any other time.  Things happen.  An avalanche comes, a brain tumor is discovered, a home becomes infested and even the heat and water can go off at the strangest of times.

So, maybe I will change my bio on the dating sites.  Serious guys who want to work hard.  Or, how about Woman Working and I expect you to give it your darn best too.  If you are just having fun, move on.  If you want the relationship you say you want; with or without the ring, I am there for you.  Aging alone is not healthy.  At times, it is overwhelming, confusing and a bit scary.  Yes, I like to make my own decisions.  I can decide if I want cake or pie or none at all.  The difference comes when I am sick and need someone else to pick up a prescription and smile at me and ask me how I am doing.  The telling signs are the chats at the beginning and end of my days.  Believe me, I am not high demand and I have many things to do with my time, energy and my life.

Sleeping alone can be done.  It is not easy.






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