Five Comments at the Salon

Online dating is not what it is cracked up to be.  Either it is young men who are boisterous and will say things to cut your heart in many pieces or it is an old man who may be taking meds and cannot have physical business with his lady.  It really boils down to these two choices.  Does this mean gals really think like gents?  Do we all, whatever the gender, pretty much try to figure out which direction “love” will take us?  Kind of like dogs?

Overheard:  We went to the Chinese place and had cat for lunch.  Really?  Yes, Really.

Taxes are a bear.  Cash tips are a blessing.

Eating breakfast is a waste of time.  I got the children to do it this morning.

My husband likes for me to wear my hair natural and curly.  “How do you wear it?”  Straight back and in a pony tail.


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