ode to the past – friends, foes and fellow human beings

How do we live in the moment?

If spiritual ideas tell us to stay conscious and we are healthier, how do you address

the pains, joys and frustrations we remember?  How do we reconcile our memories, faint or vivid, with our current status as particles in the universe.

When we lose someone from that past but who is no longer an actor in the present, is this

really true?  Can we be our “person” as our memories blend past, present and future.


Right now, for me, it seems very difficult to think, reflect and reason through what is really

truth for me?  In pursuing this value, how do I reconcile other people I care about may not

desire me to do it and may turn down their opportunities to clarify their lives, to know their “selves” better and to understand thoughts, behaviors and emotions of today translate into what we become in that “later” place we now call future.  


When death calls and is close upon my heels, breathing down my neck, threatening to distort, clarify or fade memories unnecessarily, what works to stay in the moment?


Writing down thoughts uncensored, keeping in touch with my physical surroundings by touching the people I love and petting my dog, eating and tasting enough food to nourish my body and walking upon the land and feeling sand, dirt and weeds under my feet as in “staying grounded”.

I can keep hearing in my head:  ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  I would add:  sand to sand,

shell to shell, dead jellyfish to sand, shell to sand, sand containing detritus and oil and

contaminates like “dispersants”.  What am I learning:  to keep my mouth shut and realize

my influence is small if at all.  To see how thin the barriers are between our times of life

and how much may be artificially imposed upon us.  I may be changed and yet not so changed.

My core values have been dominant throughout my life.  I love reading, hugs and my dogs. I am loyal beyond a fault – one of my primary attributes which can give me arrogance and cause me to judge others too severely.  I also prize insight and consciousness and dislike others who take it easy

and “drift” through life doing the bare minimum.


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