Starting Today – Honestly

I write all over the place; on multiple notepads, on two computers (actually three) and the occasion sticky note. Although, I am beginning to keep most of my writing and information in spiral bound notebooks. So, I did not start to write on this blog on Day 1 this year, 2012. I do not always feel persuaded by the writing starters and am still concerned about privacy, security and the “crawl” of the web through my personal thoughts. But, I will begin.
A childhood memory which has always stuck with me was my eighth birthday in late summer. I was dressed in summer pajamas and my parents took me out on the uncovered concrete porch by myself away from my two sisters. I do not remember a party or cake. They gave me two gifts with solemn faces: a ceramic bank shaped like an golden glossy apple and a bible with my name and family history inscribed inside. I was puzzled. They were so serious and it was my special day. I wanted to do the “right thing”. I thanked them and immediately put money they gave me in the bank. They wanted me to read the book every day as a guide to a good life. The bank was clearly for saving. I do not know if I told them how many implements I have used to shake the money out or how many times I have done it for all kinds of reasons. I remember feeling vulnerable as there were no toys. I now think, at the ripe old age of 60, this day was their equivalent to a baptism, a coming of age or a debutante ball where I became an adult. My life changed dramatically that year. We had a huge family tragedy with several deaths of children in our extended family. My father was changed forever and I believe he “made” my last sister be born to re-invest in life at his most desperate.


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