The Joy of Writing and sticking to it

so I know writing helps me.
I get “it” out.
Even if I am not writing about the subjects of my life, my emotions or
my relationships; writing re-orients me.
Practicing this art causes me to think harder before I speak.
Writing daily has never been my bag; however, I can tell by
the accounts on this blog that I can write regularly. Regularity would probably
mean five posts per week times 40 for weeks where I play at another art = 200. Also,
it would enhance the writing I do as practice does mean getting to “it” faster.
Consistency – ahhh! My downfall is to be all gun-ho; then,
droop, get side-tracked or think what’s the use.
I am too old.
I have already had a career.
I do not have the energy to have a manuscript or story published.
I have tried.
Rejection notices are no fun.
I reach out to communicate and it seems no one wants to hear.
Even my beloved says “it needs a little work”; but, I don’t
and I rush off to do the next writing assignment, the next
“big” idea and do not continue.
How I would like to read this when Obama is elected for his
second term as I believe he will be and know I connected in some way to
an audience. I guess I think of Obama because he is “doing it”.


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