Teachers I have Known

who teaches
what teaches
how do we know when we are taught
or caught
or fought?
Is it the person who goes with us to the library
to get our first card?
Was it the fourth grade “storyteller” whose voice still
rings in our ears resounding in our hearts following us through
forest and fields?
Our President is called a teacher,
a professor
a mentor
a father
a spouse
a leader
Ghandi-like man
what so we learn as he leads?
Patience, perserverance
create hope to go around the world
like a carousel with a black horse, a camel with feathers
in its cap or a tiger teeth leering at us as we observe.
Out of Egypt came each one of us tracking
trailing and pathmakers
seeking our fortunes, an adventure or
living the life before us as we thought it could and should be.


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