Week Four of 52 Weeks

technology break

I could not live without the myriad types of tech gizmos I have. Each one has a special place
in my life and heart. Sincerely!
I have my best Dell computer which is too old to be updated. I use it to play chess and take lessons.
It is like my best friend. My first machine with an interactive game – billiards! When I needed extra
time at the office for my families; I could put a child(ren) at the game and presto! have ten minutes
or more with their parents. Most of the kids would not reset the computer. There was always a few
who would begin punching the keys and changing the programming as soon as they could even though
I had given the nix on messing with my work computer. I am like a kid with tech tools!

My most recent finds, tools and techniques are: YouTube – what’s not to love, all things Adobe and anything
from Adobe TV and I must admit to spending way, way too much time on facebook. While I do not like
Zuckerberg and all his controversy, the way it works still amazes me and I love “seeing” what others
in my daily world as well as internationally, are doing.

Of course, I could go on for a while: I am a True Apple Head Grandmother and I want an IPad so bad!
I would like to reset my ipod (with no phone) and am working on the learning curve for it.
While I now understand HTML and XHTML, I find it a bit confusing to use when I let my guard down
and do not even work with it for a while. It is so easy to allow learning to slip away.

Probably, I could do without the computer on my stove!


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