We Remember:
when we lost our first tooth?
no, we do not;
our parents might
probably not.
our first broken bone; yes,
but, maybe only smatterings
and the tale we tell is broken by the
strange surroundings and the doctor’s
face and the time spent away from school
our first kiss
the one where someone put his or her lips to ours
or the one we give each other over a gravestone
in a cemetery, at the intensive care unit of the
hospital or the first time after the really big
car accident.
memories are odd
they are partial fragments floating
in the spaces in our heads,
we think they are like computer chips
linked together

perhaps, what we remember
helps us
to forget the other things
the day we learned our spouse
committed a crime,
our best dog friend had to be put
to sleep by an inept vet or
the ashes of a loved one scattered close
by in the blueberry bushes.

If we could only forget to remember
all of our 911s.


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